Want To Learn About The Newletter Function

So I'm trying to figure out how to use this to start sending out newsletters.

Just have a few questions.

  1. when it says to select a template, how do I go about finding one or even making one?

  2. Is there a way to somehow export all of our newsletter subscribers and importing them into Microsoft outlook? I find it much easier to do this in outlook.

    those are the only questions I have at the moment

Ditto, I need this too, for Vertical Response.

I don't see a way to export Newsletter Subscribers, unless they are automatically placed in the “Customer” lists ??? which we can export. …hmm, will have a look there

Hi there,

you can create one template in dreamweaver or in the text editor right in cs-cart, buy one from some sites that offer that kind of service or even copy one over from Mailchimp if you are a member.

What you have do to is create a new template and copy over the html you just made/bought and save it by a distinctive name.

Then each time you are going to create a new newsletter you will find it in the list above the text editor.

As for the thing about exporting emails, things are a bit limited. But you can export them to mailchimp via a mod and then either send your emails from over there or manage them as you wish. Mailchimp is very powerful tool for newsletters and for small volumes is free! ([url=“http://mailchimp.com/”]http://mailchimp.com/[/url])

The above mentioned Mod is in http://www.ez-ms.com…ntegration.html


Just one clarifiation regarding our mailchimp addon, it is an addon, not a mod. I.e. there are no modified files that are distributed by cs-cart. Hence no upgrade conflicts. Everything is done through the addon and/or via hooks from the core code/templates.

Yes tbirnseth, sorry for the miss-typing…

No problem, some don't know the difference.