Want to implement custom payment processor module

Hi guys,

The merchant processing service I want to use (ePay Canada) doesn’t work with cs-cart by default. So I am looking to get a developer to implement it.

What do I require or need them to know?? On the support page of the merchant processor site it shows some examples of the API in PHP and ASP.

Do they need to know the CS-cart source code? or is there some more information somewhere?

I can only find this [url]CS-Cart Documentation — CS-Cart 4.16.x documentation

Does it usually take a long time? Just wondering what kind of fees to expect like how many hours of work etc…


Using the mod I created, plan on 6 to 8 hours to add the payment gateway to the DB, update the files for Epay Canada, implement and test the gateway in test mode and then go live.