Want To Have Different Color For The Single Menu Item Of The Main Menu


I am looking to have a single main menu item to have different color.

I have used this css code

ul.dropdown-multicolumns li a.drop:nth-child(5) {

but not working much. any guru out there who can help me out to solve this.


ul.dropdown-multicolumns li:nth-child(5) a.drop {

Demo: http://requinserver.com/

Thanks @requincreative it works…

can you show me step by step where to put the code, nooby here?

if your using My change addon you can addd this line in the custom style sheet.

Just search here in this form my change addon you will find lot of thread to do it.

After creating the style.css file and enabling that addon in admin site. You can place this css code in that file and it will show up on the front end.