Want to create my own skin

How can I create my own skin based on one of the included skins. When I make a copy of the active skin directory and give it a name, it doesn’t appear in the skin selector.

Is this the best approach to creating my own template set? or should I simple use one of the included skins and add template overrides?

I have been reading about hooks and plan on using them to make changes.

Can information be given on how to handle this with the CS-cart core install (2.0.9 I have)?

I have loads of webdev experience so really what I want is a clear starting point… I haven’t found anything yet that suggested any best practices for starting on a new design.

Also, a paragraph or 2 on the new " My changes" add on would be great, since it appears to me from what I have read that this is related to managing your changes via hooks.

Look at post #2 in this thread for instructions to create your own skin:


There are pros and cons to each approach. If you create your own skin, you will need to integrate any changes CS-Cart makes to their skins manually while hooks will often inherit these changes. However, a complete redesign might be better using a custom skin.