Want to Add Text Near Add to Shopping Cart


I want to write some text on the product page below Add to Shopping Cart button, or below add to wishlist… I want to write something like offer or free godies with this product…

Please let me know how to do it.


plz someone help… thanks

Create a language variable named 'my_free_offers' and set it to the html that you want to display.

Then edit whateer template you want and insert the language variable where you want it to appear.

i want to show on the product page, so which file to edit for it, and where to put that language variable???

I want to show it just above or below Add to Shopping Cart Button on product page…

Plz help



you can put in your active skin in customer/addons/my_changes a new folder with the name products and inside it a file with the name buy_now.post.tpl.

In that file you can have your html code.

Dont forget to clean your files cache, that is var/compiled/customer.