Want subcagetory thumbnails & Title to list instead of Categories

Before the upgrade, when a customer clicked on the category page they got the category page as it is now, but below there was a thumbnail of each subcategory with an image that changed according to the number of listings in that subcategory. I am re-working my site and want to eliminate the current Category pages completely and replace them with just a little introduction of the category and the subcategories with the images and titles, instead of just a list of the categories. How can I get the images to print about 5 images in a row (my skin only has a left column and a middle column. Thanks pushpins

I’m not sure if I’m geting you right, but does this help?

[url]CS-Cart Documentation — CS-Cart 4.15.x documentation

There is an addon at [url]http://forum.cs-cart.com/showthread.php?t=20545[/url] that will do the trick for you real nice.

If you read through that thread, there are some posts that explain how to do other options to this addon.

Hope it helps,


Brandon and Flow

Thank you for your replies, but I am having trouble because of my lack of basic knowledge.

How do I access my CS Cart installation to find my root directory?

Which one of these two ways is better for me to use?

I know this is basic information but I am trying to take on more of my own maintenance. Can you help me get started on the directions you gave me about inserting the code at my root directory. Thanks, pushpins

Your root directory is the folder on the server where all the rest of the operating files are stored.

You can access it by FTP, like filezilla etc or if you have cpanel you will access it there.Named public html or www. in cpanel

You will know when you are in the root as you will have folders in there as this, addons, cgi bin, controllers, core, images, js,lib, payments, schemas, and others besides.


I have paid SiteGround $50 to install either the instructions or the addon and they say neither of them work. I have a lengthy email correspondance with them if any of you would decipher it and tell me what I can do now or should I go directly to CS Cart and pay them. Thanks pushpins