W3C & CSS validation

Is cs-cart W3C & CSS validated by default? How many of you have your stores W3C & CSS validated?

I need to get my site W3C & CSS validation for SEO purpose. Is it ok if I don't get it validated?

By default, no, the HTML is not valid. However, it renders correctly in browsers, does not use black-hat techniques to publish content search engines cannot see and provided you edit your templates to use different header tags (ie. h1, h2, h3) effectively, CS-Cart is pretty good for SEO. It really does need Canonical tags built in though as there is a lot of duplication, but there is currently a 3rd party add-on to take care of that problem.

Thanks StellarBytes for your stellar replies and help. You really are a boon to the cs-cart forum.

So is it beneficial to splurge some more money and get my slightly modded site CSS and W3C verified? Also Which 3rd party plugin do you suggest for the canonical tags?

Thank you once again.

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It's the use of dynamic classes that kills it really, the default homepage only has 2 simple errors which could be easily cured, the product pages have a few more which some can be solved, but not all.

To be honest you'd be best making your overall site template use semantic HTML, currently every time you use a “Mainbox General” block, the title of the block is generated as an

- thus, you end up with multiple

tags on one page. So, so wrong.