Vue.js Based Checkout


I am developing a vue.js based checkout on our website in an effort to bring our checkout UX a little more into line with contemporary standards, simplify our development and completely own our own theme (other components on the site on other pages will also use vue.js).

So far I am making good progress on this... but.

Are there any security concerns that I need to adopt with the CS-CART backend? Any tokens that need to be passed etc? Anyone know of any guidelines around this?

I would hate to develop something that opens our backend up.


cs-cart uses a security-hash for POSTed data and can required that variables passed by designated as 'secure'.

You'll have to do your own research on that. But that shouldn't have anything to do with your backend unless your checkout redirects offsite.

Thanks - I'll do some more digging. We do use paypal and some interest free financing options that take the customer away from our site.

I'll keep it in mind.