Vista / IE 7

I have recently noticed that sales are really down, I had a customer contact me and advised he was having trouble, can add to the shopping cart, however cannot checkout, gets this message…


Hello again.

I applied the coupon code while in the shopping cart and that worked. But when I click on the “CHECKOUT” button I get an error message that reads:

“Internet explorer cannot open the internet site [url][/url].

Operation Aborted”

I am using Internet Explorer version 7 on a Dell with Vista for the OS.


Is this something that is a vista issue ?

If anyone here has vista and ie 7, can you please help me test my cart?

My site is



Hi sraza, you have secure and unsecure items in checkout. Possible Logo problem link, not sure. The only way I was able to get to checkout, was to do this. Plus your site is very slow.

This web site does not supply identity information. It could be a problem with GoDaddy.

[quote]Click the Tools button, and then click Internet Options.

Click the Security tab, and then click the Custom level button.

In the Security Settings dialog box, scroll to the Display mixed content setting in the Miscellaneous section, and then click Enable.

Click OK in the Security Settings dialog box, click Yes to confirm that you want to make the change, and then click OK to exit Internet Options.[/quote]


This does work, however my concerns are that customers may not know to do this, mike stated I had some links which were not secure and will take a look at my site when he has a chance.

I am not curious about the speed of my site which you stated was slow. Any input is appreciated, do you know how I can best optimize it so its not slow?

What exactly did u experience btw?

Thanks so much,


Issue Resolved By Support

Your site does load very slow.

It looks like some of the scripts from the GoDaddy site seal and seal are doing a lot of the damage. I have tried to use the GoDaddy seal (aka Starfield) and have ran in to the same issue.

I have also learned that if you use the fancy “rolling scripts” that CS has included the page will load VERY slow.

Another part that is very slow loading from CS is the “dynamic” navigation. We no longer use this even thought it looks nice.

The final thing is if you are not on a VPS, you may want to go there. CS just has too many pulls from the database and other sources to have any kind of speed on a shared hosting package.


The site is slow.

I also noticed this statement when clicking on the seal.

[QUOTE]Unable to Verify Site

August 03, 2008 19:14 PM

Unable to verify


Although the Web site you are visiting is operated by an active Authorize.Net merchant, their Verified Merchant Seal is currently not configured properly. Please contact the merchant directly to confirm the authenticity of this site.[/QUOTE]

I feel that some of these seals can slow down a site. I use comodo seals. My site would not load. I found out that comodo was having a problem from their support. The seal is hosted at their site. Once I removed the seal. My pages loaded . normally. When they have a problem, everyone using the seal has a problem.


[quote name=‘sraza’]Issue Resolved By Support[/QUOTE]

so, what did they do?