Visitor stats

I want to add where I see my visitors stats and robots and or visitor hosts on front page of website so people can see the visits per day which I think would be a great idea if you get alot of visitors we get between 600-900 per day and I want this active number to change as it goes live like in back end how can we do this


I have solution for that. Check on the right side.

If you like it pm me.


Hi I do not see any thing to do with stat numbers on on right side but I think there are others out there for visitors and post in on websites I want the one from cscart to be availble as it is and copy it over to index page

its on the right, at the bottom

ok let me check

It is close but let me attatch an image can I try that to see do you have the script

Look where the visitor list is and changes daly this is what I am after to show

Here it is

ScreenHunter_08 Aug. 02 18.36.jpg

ScreenHunter_08 Aug. 02 18.36.jpg