Visitor Statistics and IP Log

Hi snorocket

Your above code did not work, but it is all sorted now ! just in case !

[COLOR=“Red”][SIZE=“3”]The above Visitor and IP Mod has now been Updated Just in Case[/SIZE][/COLOR]

Zardos… has this been reconfigured to be 1.3.4(sp1?) compatible?

Hi Dosterberger

The mod will work with any version of cs-cart.


Maybe will usefull for someone

Domino that is nice little program do you or any of you would know if it can be integrated in admin section cause i like everything in one spot and easier to manage?


[quote name=‘zardos’]In logout.tpl add this:

IP address {$smarty.server.REMOTE_ADDR} for

How can I embedd some variant "{$smarty.server.REMOTE_ADDR}" to another lang variant.