Viruses inside zip files 4 download of cs-cart version 3.0.2 pro and community

Hi there,

after i scaned my files with stored cs-cart community and professional version of files i found [color=#ff0000]Virus.Win32.ELF!IK[/color] in both files inside directory … [color=#ff0000]payments/hsbc_files/modules/lin/CcOrderHash.e[/color]

I just formated my pc few days ago and is absolutly virus free!

Now i don’t know what to do cause my AV software is reporting virus with high damage density and i can’t use those files which i just downloaded from your server tonight.

Can you check what is happening with those files and give me a guide what to do?

So i can think about upgrade or something new to do.

All regards,[attachment=6043:name-of_captured-virus.jpg]

Can you answer me what is possibile soon please?


My guess is this is a false positive.

Problem is resolved by support team.

Resolved how please?