Virus Detected on my website

I am currently demoing cs-cart, for my website.

I showed the website to a customer of mine, and he said that he was unable to access the website through his browser because his antivirus blocked it.

Has anyone run into a problem with antivirus’s blocking cs-cart sites, without there being an actual virus?

The website hasn’t even been up for a full 24 hours. I am very careful with all passwords etc, and I set correct permissions to all directories as suggested after installation.

Personally I have Eset Smart Security, and that is not picking up any virus from the website.

I understand that there are some viruses going around (I have been reading the other posts) but it just seems very unlikely that I would be hit so quickly, and that my own computer isn’t detecting it (when I am running ESET - the best AV out there)

Does anyone have any other ideas what could be setting off an AV? I do not have an SSL installed at the moment - so that’s the only other thing I could think of - maybe he tried to checkout and it alerted him that there was no SSL and he took that as a virus or something.

I have no asked him for details yet about his antivirus, and the actual message (I wanted to see if I could solve the problem first before responding)



I did not get a warning when going to your site.

I ran your URL with Dr.Web and that scan did not see anything.


There are several threads on viruses as you stated. I think one said the virus was on the server and not in the cs-cart files. Others had files introduced to their site via ftp. The virus was on the source ftp to start.


r u using any ads like Adbrite, Adonion etc ?

False alarm - it was an issue on the client’s system - nothing to do with my website or cs-cart.

Thanks for the quick reply!