Virtually no orders since switch

I recently transferred my online store from Webasyst ShopScript to CS-Cart and thought it would help my store because of all the great features in CS-Cart, but ever since the switch my orders have dropped my 90%. I’ve tested everything (I think) and can’t see why the orders aren’t there.

Can anyone give me some ideas?

Do you have Google Analytics? That would be the first place to look as well as Webmaster Tools.


Thanks for the reply. Yes, I do have a Google Analytics account and I had an incorrect GA key for a while. I changed over to CS-Cart on Sept. 14,2010 and I realized that the GA key was wrong on Oct. 14 and fixed it.

I averaged around 220 Visits from Sept. 1 - Sept. 13 and now I am avg. 70 Visits from Oct. 14 - Oct. 17. Any ideas why the Visits have dropped dramatically?


As you changed software, your URL’s are also different, maybe your visitors are getting the 404 error

Editing: I can’t see where the problem is, after searching randomly in google, you have 424 indexed pages and nothing wrong with them…

I completely agree users are probably getting directed to invalid url’s from google. Have you done a google search for one of your products and see where it takes you when you click on a link?

You’re indexed in Google and you show up for keyword searches. ( I used “natural pet health store” and saw your site at number 5.) So it’s not an indexing issue.

Did your file name extensions change when you switched from your old cart to cs-cart? Many of my sites use .htm as the page extension, but cs-cart defaults to .html. If that happens, then all those new pages would be brand new in the eyes of google and could account for a drop.

I see alot of your specific product pages and even your category pages have no Page Rank which indicates they are new. (Unless they are actually new pages).

Do some searches for some keywords that you know you used to show up for in Google (check history in Analytics) and see if you are still there. Click the link and go to your page if you find them in the search results. Are they old pages that no longer exist?

Nice site design!

Thanks for all the replies. I added a Sitewide 301 Redirect so even if they are linking to an old page, they should be redirected to the new site home page.

Some keywords seem to be missing, but most are the same.

There has to be something that is keeping people from coming to the site.

I just tried visiting your site and I couldn’t get it to load in Firefox. I switched over to Chrome and it came up.

I see all other sites fine on Firefox. I am posting this comment in FireFox.

I tried IE and it loaded slow.

When I switched over to CS-Cart I switched from an ASP shopping cart and I also switched hosts. I actually paid a company to work with me on redirects and making sure everything was setup correctly with Google Webmaster Tools and my 301s so people could find me.

Good Luck!