Vintage Barn Lighting

Hi All,

I’ve just finished development of a new website that caters for the nostalgic crowd. Essentially architectural/antique lighting pieces from the ‘olden days’.

I’d love to hear some critique, regardless of how heavy it is. It doesn’t matter if you are a pro or new to lighting/shopping online. We cater for many age groups with varying technical capacity so every word helps me learn what can be beneficial to you!

Known issues:

  1. Quick Search is not installed
  2. Categories don’t have much/any descriptions
  3. Some category images are of inconsistent ratio/size




A couple of things that I thought would be nice to do are:

Change the tabs to different images or just remove them.:wink:

It would be cool to change how your option drop downs look. The rest of the site looks awesome, but those dropdowns are all old looking and out of place on that site.

Also, something is wrong with your dynamic image thing. When I go to [url][/url] and hover over the middle image in the additional images, the light comes up bigger, but is behind your text.

Personally, I don’t like those dynamic image things. One reason is when you hover over each image, it moves the content of the whole right side of the page around. If you were reading something and then you moved your mouse around, you are totally going to lose your spot.

I do really like how clean and simple the site is though. The site is easy to navigate around on and the colors are great. I really like the green color.


The dynamic hover images does have issues and I agree about the content moving.

Ideally all your images would be the same size and then that wouldn’t happen.

Nice work, just an observation:

When you click in “Live help”, it popup the window chat, but also it redirect the original you were in, to the home page.

For example, you are in some detail page, and it motivates you to ask some question. Then you click the chat to talk about that particular product, but you are not longer in that page, you are now in the home page.

I don’t know it this is by design, but will be nice to stay in that page.

I think the site looks nice and flows nice. You’ve also got some really cool products. I love the vintage stuff.

It is a little strange when I click on the “live help” button on any page it always seems to take me right back to your home page. Seems like that would be a pain if I found what I wanted to ask a question about and was moved from the page.

I also like the slideshow on the home page.

I know it doesn’t have much to do with the design, but I think it is great you have the actual address on the contact page. I always try to make sure there is an address from someone I purchase from online.

I didn’t checkout, but everything seems to be working and flow smoothly.

The design “fits” your products well and I do prefer the simple non-cluttered, non-confusing site layout. :wink:

[QUOTE]Personally, I don’t like those dynamic image things.[/QUOTE]

I agree with Brandon on this and personally find most of these dynamic things to be rather annoying. For example, if I want to change an image view, I would rather consciously click it than have things moving around every time I accidently move my curser to the wrong place on a page.

Looking good Jesse. I’d like to see more fill in the header. It looks like a ton of wasted space. Maybe put the slideshow up there.

Hello Jesse,

Only one word: Congratulations!

I really love your product page. Very light and pure, and you cannot miss the “Add to Cart” button.

Lee Li Pop