Viewing products separately with no images

hello there,

I dont really have an issue just need to know if there is some info on this that im not finding.

Im need to know if there is a way in the admin panel or if there is a way on the customer end if we can view or sort the products with images and without images.

I have roughly 30,000 products on the site and i would say at least half of them don't have images. Instead of going in one by one, i would like to know if i can sort the products by the image. So in conclusion, in the admin panel i would be able to view all the products that have images first, and then be able to view all the products without images so i can get product pictures for them.

Is there a way to do this? or would i need to write a code for this?

What I do is export the products just the name code and image path, then in excel I sort the image column into just blanks, copy all the blanks to another page and the put the new image paths in, then re import.

I find this is quick and easy to see what images are missing at a glance.


So that being said, you think this would really be the only effective way of doing so?

Am i going to need to export thumbnail, detailed image or image url?

It is the most effective way, just export the detailed image & product code , it is no good to export the image url as you dont have one.


Appreciate the help!