View Orders - Choose Action (avaible to full admin only)?

cs-cart ver.2.1.1

I had inhouse unsers limited on what they can do via “user groups” . This worked great. Now I have found that they do not have access to the “Choose action” pull down at the bottom of the view order screen. After some testing, I have found that only a Full Admin has access to this pull down menu. Even a user group with everthing checked. How can access to this be added to the privlages in the admin user group settings?

Thanks for any help,

David DeWitt

Does anyone have some thoughts on this?

Thanks for any help,

David DeWitt

It looks like this function is only half-built, in that there is no option in user group privileges to enable/disable it, yet the “tools_list” is included in access restrictions.

Not sure about 2.1.1, but I think the principle should pretty much be the same from 2.2.4.




At the top, you will see a line like this:

{if $skip_check_permissions || $tools_list|fn_check_view_permissions}

If you want all user groups with access to the admin to be able to use the 'Choose Action' options, you can simply remove this line as well as the closing {if} at the bottom of this file:

skipped tools

Thanks StellarBytes. I'll tinker with this on my test server. But have to wait on real server. Got bigger problems there.

David DeWitt


With a little experimenting I got it to work. Had to make sure the complete {else} and {/if} were removed or just commented out.

So things look like this when done.

At the top:

{* {if $tools_list|fn_check_view_permissions} *}{* comment out this "if" statement to allow all admins to have access to the tools menu at bottom of orders page *}

and then at the bottom:

{* comment out this "eles and endif" statement to allow all admins to have
access to the tools menu at bottom of orders page.
original had only the words "skipped tools" commented out
skipped tools

As always leave myself plenty of notes in the comments, so I can remember how it was and why I made the change

Thanks again,

David DeWitt