view items assigned to block

On some blocks it has the buttons “assign to all” / “remove from all”

This is for categories, products, and pages, maybe more.

I wanted to know how I can view a list of the items they are assigned to.

Currently I have a category block assigned to 3 categories, out of many many others. I just don’t recall which 3 it was. Is there a way to view it without getting the block id and tracking it down in the db?

When I click “manage categories”, I would think it would bring up a popup to see which were selected, but all it does it take me to the catalog category edit page.

I could have sworn there was a way before.


For some, yes, there is a number that is highlighted, you press on the number, you get a list of just these items. However, it seems not to be true for all kinds of blocks.


blocks/pages_text_links.tpl <---- can do

blocks/grid_list.tpl <---- cannot

I created a test pages_text_links block and even that one didn’t have the number linked to see what it was assigned to.

Sorry, I don’t have time to play with blocks today but in general I agree, it is screwy.