View Cart

has anyone been able to move the ajax version of view cart? where on the front page it states ‘cart is empty’ then when you add to cart it automatically updates?

I moved it from the top right corner, which is the default for the template that iam using, to the left column however, when i add to cart, it removes the template i created for it

this is what i get when the page loads

this is what it turns to when i add to cart something

heres what i did:

created a new template called viewcart.tpl

placed viewcart.tpl in main.tpl on the left column

renamed cart.tpl to cart2.tpl

copied viewcart.tpl and renamed it to cart.tpl (just in case cart.tpl was still showing up)

i didnt touch cart_status.tpl which is basically all that is in viewcart.tpl

this is my viewcart.tpl

[HTML]{* $Id: viewcart.tpl 2474 2006-10-05 11:39:30Z layne $ *}

{capture name=“sidebox”}

{include file="cart_pages/cart_status.tpl"}


any ideas?
im thinking it has to do with either the
or cart_status.tpl or the product_pages/buy_now.tpl