"View Cart" redirects to PayPal


i have 1.3.5 cs-cart running.

When i enable “PayPal” as Payment Method, the “View Cart” link redirects me directly to Paypal, without seeing the Cart.

The link looks normal like this: “http://www.sitename.com/index.php?target=checkout&mode=cart

Does anyone had this problem? Or know what the problem is?

Thank you.


No solutions?

Has nobody any idea?

No problems here that I know of HuseyinK. Have you done anything to the files? Are you running 1.3.5sp4?

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I found the solution…

In the database table “cscart_payment_processors” the value for the field “type” had to be “P” instead of “N”. (For the record of “paypal” of course)