View Cart & Checkout in Top

I give up…To save my life I can’t find where to get rid of the view cart/empty cart icon and the Checkout within the content_tools_bg.gif. All I want remaining is the content_tools_bg.gif itself without any icon’s or text.

Any ideas…I do not mind getting into code!


what do you mean by the view cart/empty cart icon?.

Do you mean the full cart/ empty cart icon?

The image you refer to includes 2 tones of gray in 2 small blocks at the bottom of the image.


Didn’t do too good a job of explaining. I am using the cars skin. Within the content_tools_bg.gif are the empty cart icon, when you click on the arrow, a dropdown saying your cart is empty appears. Besise that is a link which says Checkout with two arrow gifs. This is what I want to get rid of.

Hope that explains it better.


can you show me your e-shop so I can get a better understanding.

I’m sure I will have an answer then. Thanks

Look at [url][/url] as an example. I am trying to find where to get rid of the empty cart icon, the cart is empty verbiage, and the checkout link. I can’t find where to exclude these guy’s.

Hope this helps…

Ok no worries.

To remove the “cart is empty” text you can search for the language variable cart_is_empty in your admin page…Go to the Content tab and then click languages…perform a search here for the variable and delete the contents in it’s value.

Then you could open the empty cart icon in a graphics package and give it a transparent background with a size of 1 pixel by 1 pixel and replace it with the current one on the server…that’s my view on it but maybe someone has a better idea…but in my opinion this is a good way forward because you then have a placeholder if you do ever decide to add it again.

Hope this helps

EDIT: I believe you would find the cart icon in the following location…/skins/your_skin/customer/images/icons/empty_cart_icon.gif

Also I would recommend applying the same customisation to the filled_cart_icon.gif…which can be found in the same folder. Otherwise when people add items to their cart you would see a filled cart icon…not good.

I have attached the 2 cart images at 1 pixel by 1 pixel and transparent background to this message. Go ahead and upload them to the specified server location above if you like…Right click the attachments below and select “save target as” in Internet explorer to save them to your PC. :wink:



Thanks guy for all your input…!

The only problem with the transparent is you can still click on it and the dropdown with the view cart and checkout still show up. There should be someway to just not include whatever module is presenting this?

If you go into Customization mode in the Admin->Design settings… and then go to your storefront… you can see what template is displaying that cart stuff… I actually removed it completely from my store and made a custom shopping cart block.

Since I deleted it, I forget what template it is! sorry… but give that a shot

Still no clues where the view cart and register comes from in the top.tpl? Must be an include somewhere?

The code you want is in top.tpl

[quote name=‘tnchatmonk’]Still no clues where the view cart and register comes from in the top.tpl? Must be an include somewhere?[/quote]

Did you try what the “racingsolution” said?

Yes, I tried what raceman said but the only icon I see is in the quicklinks section

[quote name=‘tnchatmonk’]Yes, I tried what raceman said but the only icon I see is in the quicklinks section[/quote]

Then search for this code {include file="views/checkout/components/cart_status.tpl"} in the template files and delete the line.

Or make a new line in your styles.css file with this line:

display: none;
visibility: hidden;
But if you will use the cart status somewhere else, you have to change the div id around the code.

Beautiful Indy0077,

Exactly what I needed. I replaced the entry in my .css with what you gave me and wala…it was gone.

Thanks so much!