View And Edit Page Source

Whats the quickest way to find and edit the HTML source code of an individual page.

E.G Where would I find, on my server, the source code for the Checkout Page.

I've asked a lot of questions today, I'm learning a hell of a lot as I go. All help, from anyone, is massively appreciated, always!

sorry to be a pain, I've had a search and can find many different checkout.tpl files.

None of them contain this;

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Easiest way to find the correct file is use the languages translations feature of the admin panel. Here you can change the text or find the variable containing the text. Then you can search the templates for that variable.

You can't search for html code because the smarty code generates this on the fly.

Ok, another idea.

I want to delete this box.

I right click it - Inspect Element - and highlight

(as this is what I want rid of)

Where do I go from here? The frsutrating this, I figured this out a few weeks ago - now for the life of me can't seem to work it out.


Thanks again eCom, sorted.

So easy, yet so hard. :D

I’m sure I did it a differnet way last time though, using dev tools to find and edit a CSS sheet?

How do you add some tracking code on the checkout page in the tag?

How do you add some tracking code on the checkout page in the tag?


You can use {hook name="index:head_scripts"}{/hook} hook with the following condition:

{if $runtime.controller == "checkout" && $runtime.mode == "checkout"}{/if}

Try to use checkout layout pages settings