Very dissatisfied customer

I dowloaded the trial , installed and nowhere have i seen this help desk credential, email, logging in no where… it would’nt be so bad if when i left a post it said it would be looked at and if posted if acceptable…but all i got was back to forum i was left to think somethig was wrong.

when i downloaded the trial all i got was a zip file nothing else and i havent received any email (i dont think it ever asked me for it anywhere along the line as far as i can remember)

thanks for the help from the people that have privided it

Having to wait a day and a half for a solution (without even knowing if the question has been heard) is time consuming on my behalf and has put me off cs cart because without answers to questions the software is useless.

alls fine now had to redowload and got email so all set up now on the forums.

well i thought i was ok then…still didnt have proper access.

help-desk says in my profile under the forum tab

“Register on Forums

You have no active licenses at this moment, so you can not register on community forums.”

so back to square 1. Forum is near enough useless if you have a question to ask which most new users want !!!

These community forums without a lot of involvement from CS-Cart. Try to contact them directly: