Version 3.0.1, (Checkout-Cart) Step Problem


My version 3.0.1

recently I moved my website to a new hosting company, but do not understand that there is a problem, ( address remains well stuck, cargo and do not pass on the payment page, staying on the same page when you press the button, complete the order.

Shipping and payment settings have been made, no one else problems.

I would like you to help.

What error message do you receive?


No errors, but it does not scroll the page. fall into this page and immediately turns. ( ( going back to this page after you press the button to complete the order. You make a trial product, please add to cart.

What payment method do you use? Did you try another one?

do not go to the payment page, That's the problem.

If you provide us with the temporary FTP access, we can examine the problem.