Version 2.2.4

It is just unreal how wonderful CS-Cart has improved since I started using in 2005. The newest 2.2.4 is awesome and I am sure there is more to come but I just wanted the developers to know we are very pleased with there hard work to make our job easy.

What a way to start the day — a warm, complimentary message from a valued customer :) . Thank you so much for letting us know how you feel.

Our architects are most flattered by your nice comments :D

Totally agree with the above. I'm still very happy I choose cs-cart 1,5 years ago!

I also agree. Been with CS Cart since Dec 12, 2006

Their support is outstanding.

I agree as well. Was a long hard decision which cart to go with a few years back but I don't regret my decision at all. CS-Cart has been great and has a great support community to compliment it.

Ya a great support community.

thanks for mentioning that whiplash13