Version 2.1 Professional Supplier Add-on Question


I upgraded to 2.1, did a revert, upgraded again. I had some problems and then restored to a previous day, but still 2.1 Professional

Currently in the Add-ons, I do not have a supplier add-on. It goes from Store Locator to Tags.

I do have configured suppliers under User>Supplier, and the products can be configured with a supplier (dropdown on product page, under “status”). I just want to know whether I am suppose to have a supplier add-on or not.

The demo version version of 2.1 Professional does NOT have the add-on, but also does not have users>suppliers.

The labs version is 2.1 Standard and has the supplier add-on.

How is 2.1 Professional configured, with or without the supplier add on. And, if no supplier add on, how are suppliers added.

I could have messed up during the multiple reverts and upgrades. Just trying to find out if I lost the supplier add on somewhere.



CS-Cart has moved this addon to its core function.