Verification Api Error With Paypal Adaptive Add-On

We're running on 4.03 (I know, it's old) but because of core changes we couldn't upgrade.

We've had occasional failures in the past where recipient's Paypal currency settings were incompatible and the transaction would fail. No idea if this is related to your issue...

Thanks for the input sorry it took so long to respond have been busy. Everything works fine now.

I have a quick question for Multivendors I have this problem with PayPal adaptive - payments are getting sent to PayPal in USD it should be AUD all settings show AUD

any thoughts would be much appreciated


1) In my experience the vendor only requires a standard Paypal account.

2) Disputes are dealt with directly between vendor and customer. Customer can contact vendors directly via email. Store admin commission is generally not refunded.

3) Haven't used the vendor plans aspect yet (we charge our vendors seperately)

We are in the midst of this issue - we have had Simtech apply the patch, but we're still getting a large number of accounts that won't verify. (We have over a 1000 vendor accounts - 250 are not verifying)

Anyone know how Paypal deals with hyphenated names? Does it allow them? Does it "interpret" them?

Can anyone who dealt with this weigh in as to how you resolved?

See my post here for some additional clarity on this issue. There is a lot of misunderstanding going on...