Vendors In Multi-Vendor Can't Do Promotions?

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So, we just learned that vendors in Multi-Vendor aren't able to create coupons codes. For whatever reason CS-Cart designed it so when "Vendor A" creates a discount code it applies the Vendor A discount to Vendor B's products at checkout as well. So, if you have a cart with multiple products from different vendors the coupon one vendor created will work on all the products at checkout.

Obviously, vendors shouldn't be able to create coupons for other vendors. With this design a sneaky vendor could create a "100% Off" coupon and purchase everything in the marketplace for free. :-)

CS-Cart support said coupons will work correctly with the Direct Customer to Vendors Payments addon enabled. Although, that addon means buyers need to check out from every vendor individually instead of checking out once for all products from multiple vendors. Modern Marketplaces haven't worked like this for over a decade and it sounds like a terrible buyer experience to make someone check out multiple times when purchasing something from one website.

My question are other Multi-Vendor store allowing their vendors to create coupon codes? Have any of you found a way to do this?

We have thousands of vendors and many are begging to have a way to promote their shop with coupons, but we are at a loss on how to let them do this.


Pay attention to our addon. It seems to meet your expectations.¤cy=USD

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Thanks. We did look at that add-on, but if I'm correct it means the marketplace has to set-up each vendors promotions. With your addon the Vendors can't create their own promotions, right? Since our marketplace has thousands of vendors it wouldn't be feasible for us to manage creating and deleting promotions at the vendors request.

Our goal is to let our vendors create their own coupon codes for their own products. Can your add-on be configured to do this?



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