Vendors Emails as Purchase Order.

Hello -

I need to know if some one can make me a CS-Cart addon which will work with newer version of CS-Cart which would allow me to do the following :-

When we add product in cs-cart it will ask us COST price & vendor item code so when the order is completed and paid by the customer CS-CART should automatically email VENDORS the copy of the INVOICE but with the COST price so they can DROP Ship the orders in our name to our customer.

I can send you the template which you can follow to send out to the VENDORS upon completed orders and if we cancelled that order it should also send VENDOR a notification stating that Purchase Order is cancelled.

Please let me know your reasonable price as I do need 4 other addons made

For the data side, you can just create product features that are hidden for your COST and Vendor SKU.

You could have an “order post controller” that would see if those features are set for the product and create 2 template variables (item_cost and item_vendor_sku).

The invoice sent to the vendor could be adjusted to be sensitive to those variables having value.

However, many times the vendor price changes faster than the cost you administer in your store. Generally (in my experience) the vendor simply charges you the current price based on your agreements with them at the time the item is ordered. Does your vendor(s) really honor the 'cost' you send them?