Vendor's Categories In Vendor Store Page


I'm using multi-vendor 4.7.3 and I've got some problems in vendor store page mainly in vendor's categories block!

I've set the vendor's categories block content to subcategories tree (drop-down vertical) in the vendor store page layout.

Let me explain the issue with an example. One vendor has products in the categories below:

-Category A

-- Category AB

-- Category AC

-- Category AD

- Category C

-- Category CA

As mentioned above, Category A has 3 subcategories, and Category C has 1 subcategory.

When I go to a vendor page and click a vendor's category, some subcategories doesn't show in the vendor's categories! For example, when I click on category A, Category AB will show, but Category AC and AD won't show!

This is the first issue I've encountered. And I don't know why some subcategories are gone in the vendor's categories menu although there are products related to this vendor within them!

The other issue is, when I go to the vendor store without choosing any vendor's category yet, all filters of all the vendor's categories will appear in the vendor's store. After choosing a vendor's category, the filters will limit to the specific category I've chosen (and this is the correct behavior)

I don't want to see any category's filter (except price and brands that are general for all categories) at the first glance of vendor store and before selecting any category.

Please help. Maybe there is something wrong in my store.



Please request individual demo for Multi-Vendor from CS-Cart website and try to reproduce the issue there. Then add it to the bug tracker

Please how were you able to get the vendors login link after registration?

Please how were you able to get the vendors login link after registration?

I was told, this is an easy fix, and can be done for 20 credits only. Otherwise, you can send a message to all your vendors, and the link to the renamed vendor.php will be displayed at the end of the message.

Frankly, I don't know what is better security-wise - to have a static link in the vendor admin's account, or to send the link in the letter...