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We found that our vendors are put off by the complexities of using the vendor dashboard, especially regarding features, options and delivery etc. has anyone faced the same issue? if so, how did you handle this? We did put a very very detailed manual together, but turns out no one used it.

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In the 4.16.1 release, the vendor panel has been greatly improved, with customisation now possible. Please check the blog for the details:

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these are the most UI/UX inefficient systems within cs-cart and we experience significant drop off due to these legacy systems.

Urgent feature request on reworking these three in particular

Thanks for the feedback.

Could you please give some specific examples of what exactly is wrong in the current iteration and how you think it should be fixed?


For shipping/delivery specifically we have the following issues that vendors have given us feedback on

  1. For MV, vendors cannot set up their own shipping rates
  2. It is not clear how to set up shipping (a lot of unnecessary tabs and little guidance)
  3. It is not clear how to set up rate areas
  4. Shipping properties tab for products confuses sellers - regulalary we have an issue of global shipping being set up and the user also adds cost to shipping freight column, causing double costs
  5. Shipping properties tab doesn’t go to the front end product page at all or checkout - confusing for the customer and validating if its been set up correctly
  6. Difficult to set up shipping for individual products - sometimes different products have different costs and where they can ship too.
  7. No estimated delivery and handling times - - no drop down for handling and shipping times like many other commerce platforms. Cant estimate delivery date using free text data points
  8. Too many tabs that need removal - e.g the address checking tab doesnt even work and is just convoluted

these are some high level suggestions but generally speaking, a shipping method like Shopify, woocommerce OR etsy (this is really intuitive and straightforward) is the normal standard and would give marketplaces a competitive edge when on boarding them

Currently, as mentioned above, due to the clunky mechanism to set up shipping a significant drop off is found which is hurting our growth

Thank you for the feedback!

I have passed it on to the product manager so that it may be used when the shipping functionality is revamped.