Vendor To Multi-Vendor Admin Payments. Alternatives To Paypal


Since there are multiple payment methods for the buyers, would it not make sense for the same to be available for vendors to pay the Multi-Vendor platform admin. Currently only Paypal adaptive is available by default?

What do you think? Or is there a way to customize this?

Check Stripe Connect

Check Stripe Connect

Check Stripe Connect

Hi I, have a little problem with stripe connect. can u help

For example if I have a payment of 100$ and commision is 10% it should be

90$ to vendor as is shows in admin and 10$ to market place - fees etc

but stripe connect makes fees by 100$ 1.4%+1 then MP commision of 10 then it transfers the founds to vendor 87.84$

in admin financiar it shows to vendor withdraw 90$. how can it make to show 87.84 or tu transfer 90$ in stripe.


I suggest you to post this issue to the bug tracker