Vendor Rma

i am play with multi vendor. i saw vendors cant manage rma.

any way to manage vendors own rma's ?

also customer rma slip show site company infos, not vendors , where i am doing wrong ?

I support this question. Why admin should be involved in return? Why vendors cannot deal with it?

This is another conceptual flaw of MV and particularly of MV+. Vendors cannot manage their returns, cannot set their locations and shipping rates, cannot have nation-specific Taxes.

For 3500 bucks you get lot of bugs... and no desire to fix them.

RMA returns really important what can we do ? any offer or addon ?


We are here to assist you. Please share your requirements in detail and raise a ticket at


Any update on this? Or further add-ons??

Vendors should certainly be able to manage their own returns... Not the job of admin

That feature must have included in cs-cart but cs-team dont care about this