Vendor Page Product Display Is Disappeared

Hello, no understanting because is disappeared the store of vendor, only the name and address and description remained!

Who can help?

Layout store vendor.png

vendors Grisu s.r.l..png

Looks like you mixed up vendor page

and vendor store page

Yes ok. before was so, but now all the vendor stores page is disappeared, how to resolve the my problem?

Go to the "index.php?dispatch=companies.catalog" page and click on any vendor name. What page do you see?

This is what I see


All vendors TOPO GIGIO SRL.png

This is what I see

What is version of your Multi-Vendor?

Multi-Vendor 4.4.3

Do you have any 3rd party modules which change something related to vendors. On the clean MV 4.4.3 installation I can see correct URLs to vendor stores

Disable third party add-ons one by one to check each of them. If the problem is in one of them, contact to the developer who made this add-on.

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Multi-Vendor 4.4.3

Have you managed to solve the issue?