Vendor Orders

When an customer orders 2 products from 2 different vendors. When I export the orders in Excel, how can I see in the list which orders are together when placed.

Vendor A / Order Id 1001 / Customer X / Amount |

Vendor B / Order Id 1002 / Customer X / Amount | These 2 orders are from 1 total order

Vendor C / Order Id 1003 / Customer Y / Amount


How can I see wich orders belong to an total order.

Is it possible that it can create the following?

Total Order Id: 1001

This order has 2 different products from 2 different Vendors.

Suborder 1001.A, 1001.B

So we can see what the total order is and which vendors has sold their products in that total order.

We have to export these orders for our administration. So we can see what we have to pay and which payment provider costs we have to split for each total order.

If there are other options, let us know.