Vendor Options Add Missing


I am trying to enable vendors to create their own product options however am unsuccessful.

Can product option only be made by the storefront admin?

Can vendor admins create product options?

How can i allow vendor admins to create their own product options.

CS Cart Multivendor



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Vendors can add their own options, but they have to do this from products level.

So, you should go to one of the products to which you want to assign new option, and create it.

After that, options will appear on the list.

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Thank you so much.

I did not see the Add option after typing in the product option name.

Have added screenshot for others who may need it

[attachment=14768:Screen Shot 2020-12-17 at 11.56.58 pm.png]

Screen Shot 2020-12-17 at 11.56.58 pm.png


I did not know that you're already using Multi-Vendor 4.12.1 version.

In Multi-Vendor 4.12.1, vendors are unable to create options anymore. However, after enabling checkbox "Allow vendors to manage product features" (tab Settings -> Vendors), they are able to create features. Using features, vendors are able to create variations that serve similar purpose as options.

Options in general are deprecated functionality and they shouldn't be used anymore in new stores.

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Options (with modifiers) are NOT the same as variations. There's no need to have multiple instances of a product to support product options such as "installation fee" and other similar common "options" that are not "variations" of the product! Cs-cart needs to stop removing functionality.