Vendor Micro Store Does Not Features The Products

hello ,

1/ the micro store of vendor, does not have products in it.

there is also no filters on the left .

Nothing , appart of the contact number and address.

whilst , on the theme editor : 'vendors store' it shows

-vendors categorie

- vendors filters

-selected products filters

is well there and should be active

2/ the picture ('Demo store' ) is very small , how to make it a banner ?

How do i fix this please ?

Please see pictures attached

Thank you

Screen Shot 2020-08-05 at 11.14.03.png

Screen Shot 2020-08-05 at 11.16.57.png

On you image company details page instead of microstore is shown. Microstore should be enabled in the corresponding vendor plan

hi Ecom,

Sorry i don't get it , you mean without a plan sellers cant even have a basic store ?

What I meant is that I expect the micro store to be having these features like shown on the picture , and with the products

mine has no products , no filters on the left side , nothing

what i expect micro store of vendor looks like (obviously i dont expect the same design i have an other theme anyway )

what currently mines look :

Thank you

Sorry i don't get it , you mean without a plan sellers cant even have a basic store ?

What do you mean by this? If you use vendor plans, all vendors must have plan enabled

You write about two different pages

Company details: index.php?dispatch=companies.view&company_id=123

Company microstore: index.php?dispatch=companies.products&company_id=123

Microstore should be enabled in vendor plan. In other case, microstore page will redirect customer to customer details page

P.S. If you do not use Vendor plans addon, try to open microstore page from my example. Just replace 123 with required company ID

What I mean is

Right now I have not yet set vendors plans .

I don't know what is my company ID

that is the store of a vendor

what I mean is the vendor products that are on the website , are not in its store

there is nothing there .

Also, is there a definite way to have vendors details not posted in public like this ? this is a massive breech of security in europe and UK .My website would go down in minute lol literally this is the personal email , city and postcode of vendors

Thank you Ecomm

Again, on your screenshot company details page is displayed, not microstore. Only microstore has products

Company ID can be found on the Vendors -> Vendors page in the admin panel

thank you