Vendor map by city and country (excludes state)

Hi all,

In Australia, and I assume other countries, we have the same name of suburb (or city) in various states.

The vendor location add-on doesn’t filter by state, meaning you don’t always get the expected result when searching for a city that exists in multiple states.

What do you do to overcome this (it can be fixed with a core file change but I am wondering if there are other options)?

Interesting. Can you maybe share with us an example when this issue occurs?
Some of our customers are using vendor maps, and they didn’t report that issue (despite the fact that a lot of popular city names also repeat across European countries).

Unfortunetly my store crashed over the weekend and I am waiting for cs-cart to help me with it so I can’t test any scenarios.

cs-cart have verified that the map display behaviour is as described and offered to fix it but it involves changing core file which I want to avoid if possible. I assumed others would have also come across it and might have a solution. The one scenario I can describe for sure is where I am in the same state as one of stores and I was unable to find it on the map when I searched the map for that city, cs-cart advised that it was because of the aforemention issue, but what exactly causes it to work or not I am not sure, might be a question more for cs-cart.

While I understand your concern about core file changes, you shouldn’t be afraid of them. Some of our add-ons we sell on regular basis require such changes, and they never caused any large issues.
You just have to remember (or note) that you have such changes in your store, and re-apply them if you upgrade your store in the future.

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