Vendor logo on product page

I am trying to show the vendor logo on the product details page. I can see it on the vendor profile page.

Debugging the vendor profile page is just using the $company_manifest.Customer_logo.vendor variable - which is not available on the product details page.

I was trying to update the /views/companies/components/product_company_data.tpl file to show the logo for the customer view. The variable I can see is: {$s_companies[$company_id].logos} but is not stripped of all the extras - is serialized - any ideas guys?


actualy I want to do same, i’m going to try it myself after some stuff i have to make first. I’ll let you know the result.

I’m interested to what this looks like. I may want to add it as well.

Use :

{if "MULTIVENDOR"|fn_allowed_for && ($company_name || $company_id) && $settings.Vendors.display_vendor == "Y"}
{include file="common/image.tpl" images=$company_data.logos.theme.image image_width="100" image_height="70" lazy_load=true}
{hook name="companies:product_company_data"}{/hook}

There is an add-on on marketplace that does this.