Vendor List Block - Multi Column

I have my vendor list block on all pages, it is getting large now so I want to make it multi columned and have it down the page, I couldn’t see how to set this up into multi columns. Any ideas?


I have been working on this and things are getting closer. I have come up with the following code but it isn’t pulling the data across as I hoped. At the moment it is creating 5 columns, showing one record in the second column then the coming soon message in the rest.

Anyone able to help me out here? I asked support for a quote but they said 4 weeks and I cannot wait that long.


This is located at: /skins/MYSKIN/customers/views/components/companies_multicolumns.tpl


{* $Id: companies_multicolumns.tpl 10536 2010-08-30 07:03:01Z 2tl $ *}

{split data=$companies size=$columns|default:“5” assign=“splitted_companies”}

{math equation=“floor(100/x)” x=$columns|default:“50” assign=“cell_width”}

{foreach from=$splitted_companies item="scomps"}

{foreach from=$scomps item="company"}
{if $company}





coming soon

{capture name="mainbox_title"}{$title}{/capture}


Did you solved this feature? Is it also possible to display the Vendor logo inside?