Vendor information on product page (Version 3)

I have different suppliers and not all of them send their product directly abroad. For this reason I would like to show a information bar to witch country's the product can be shipped. (CS-cart V3.0.6 Pro)

But is it possible to get the available shipping methods in the product page template, or even the country's to witch shipping is available? (And if so, how)

Since I could not find any information regarding this I have also lookup in to an other possibility, since I know witch suppliers send their product abroad.

How could I get the supplier information in the products template? If this is possible I could manually program witch suppliers show the additional country's.

Thanks in advance.

Hello henk!

Please, have a look at this add-on [url=“CS-Cart Shipping availability add-on”][/url] But please notice, vendors won't be able to add extra information to the product details page, only the root administrator will be.

Best regards, Alt-team

Thanks for your responce,

The given addon missis the functionality to link an text to a supplier.

I have found a solution that will work (Not the prettiest);


Shows the Supplier (or vendor) name and I have placed my code in here. But is there a solution to get the suppliers name outside this template? As soon as I use the company name (or ID) outside this template the information is lost.