Vendor Debts: "pay The Fees" Or "refill Balance" Do Not Work

When the vendor in the vendor administration clicks on "Pay the fees" (version 4.11.5) or "Refill balance" (version 4.12.1) a new browser tab with an empty cart opens.
It's the first time I've tried this feature. The fees should probably now appear as an item in the shopping cart, right?
The URL behind the button is:
in version 4.11.5:
in version 4.12.1:
Therefore the vendor is not able to pay the fees.

In both versions (4.11.5 and 4.12.1) the shopping cart remains empty.
Is there any setting missing?
I appreciate any support!

Think you should ask the helpdesk about this given there's no other administrators response.

I performed a fresh install of the add-nn "Vendor-to-admin payments" and got it work.

Maybe the rework of the "Vendor debt payout" add-on (which is now called "Vendor-to-admin payments"), which was delivered with version 4.12.1, caused that. Maybe some update scripts in 4.12.1 did not work correctly?

Thanks to all involved.

Best regards


I am getting this issue during refill balance by vendor even Vendor-to-admin payments and Direct Customer-to-Vendor Payments addons are enabled