Vendor Communication With Non-Multi Vendor Cs-Cart


ı am using Unitheme2 from Alex Branding. I can not enter to product viewing page because it gives an error saying that vendor communication function is not defined. Well it shouldn't be defined anyway, because this is not a Multi Vendor installation. Here is the error:

I have Unitheme2 installed. Product page gives this error:

Syntax error in template "/var/www/vhosts/" on line 2
"{$allow_new_thread = fn_vendor_communication_is_communication_type_active($communication_type)}" unknown function "fn_vendor_communication_is_communication_type_active"

I tried to edit layout of product page, so that maybe I could remove a reference to vendor communication, but all I can see is "main content" with no detail. How is main content managed in layouts?

By the way, are modifications the only way for non-multi vendor setups to let customers ask questions about products from the product page?

Edit: I can resolve it by commenting out in the mentioned file, but this is not a true solution.


It looks like you have disabled the addon vendor_communication and therefore you have this error in your template. You can make a condition for the execution of this piece of code if the function exists or you can report to AB that there is such a problem.

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I didn't disable Vendor Communication addon, because I don't have it. Vendor Communication addon is available only on Multi Vendor setup, while mine is not Multi Vendor.