Vendor Commission

I just added this to the ideas list but I wanted to hear what others thought about it.

Currently a vendor commission can be set at a % or $. When using a payment method such as PayPal there is a 2.9% + $.30 fee to accept the funds. Shouldn’t there be a way to push this fee onto the vendor instead of the admin taking the hit?

I was looking under payment methods and under PayPal there is an option of setting up a surcharge: __$ + __%. The problem with this is that the PayPal fee is charged to the customer. I don’t know of any marketplaces that charge the PayPal fee to the customers so I was wondering, was this designed to charge the vendor the fees and someone just got it backwards or was this suppose to be designed this way?

Thats a very good question, looking to see how this goes.

I got a response from the cs cart team. They said it is suppose to be this way. Honestly…this needs to be looked at and changed. The concept is there…it just needs to be pointed at the vendor instead of the buyer.

any alternative regarding this matter?

I agree with this one also, would love to see a solution…

Anyone have a solution for this?

The payment surcharge that exists is expected to be applied to the buyer.

The commission should be extended to allow for both a flat and percentage rate. I.e. $3 + 3.5%

if you check the checkbox in Settings > vendor > Take payment surcharge from vendors:

The Surchage will not see from the customer. is this the feature you mean?