Vendor Commission Payment Surcharge Problem

Cs-cart adding payment surcharge to vendor commission i dont want this.

where is gone Take payment surcharge from vendors settting ?


Find the fn_take_payment_surcharge_from_vendor function and change

$take_surcharge_from_vendor = false;


$take_surcharge_from_vendor = true;

If you are familiar with hooks, there is a hook there

(!) Not tested

this function work different. when i set to true. cart totals doesnt include surcharge..

I do not see any other code related with vendor and surcharge. Try to contact support team

thank you boss

changing that value in vendor_plans from false to true CANNOT affect the "order total". It might affect the total reported in vendor_plans indicating that the amount has been excluded from the commission total effectively applying it to the merchant. Cs-cart has no concept of actual accounting principals.

Cs-cart team sleep , dont care important errors bugs, i have posted a bug to tracker one month past still no commented, really i am looking another platforms . Cs-cart mve plus really too bad, a lot of buggy, a lot of settings missing, not suitable

agreed, lots of issues,

I just bought then looks like support is of no use,

I ham having similar issue, I set $take_surcharge_from_vendor = true; , now cart total is correct, vendor calculation is correct, but its double dipping surcharge , still charging surcharge from customer (even surcharge is not included in cart total , customer is not at all aware of this charges, and seems like bluff to them), it also deduct surcharge from payout to vendors.

I raise this bug with CS-Cart , and they said this is not supported in there system , advised like a KID to add gateway charges to commission lol ,

Why to vendor pay transaction charges on Cash or Check payment? they don't understand that simple thing