Vendor Administrator Access to Add-ons

I’ve created an Add-on that I want vendors to be able to access, and be able to administrate. I’ve created a Vendors user group and a custom privilage for this add-on, and applied to the privileges of the Vendors usergroup.

When I login to the vendor.php (using the test vendor account I have set up) All of the privileges, EXCEPT the one for access to this add-on are applied, and The Menu created for the Add-on doesn’t appear either.

If I remove the Vendor Admin Account from the usergroup Vendors, and set it as “available” not “active”, the Vendor has privileges that I don’t want him to have, but can view the add-on and it’s menu.

On the Addon I have a schemas/permissions/ file that has the following:

$schema[‘controllers’][‘myaddon’][‘modes’][‘manage’][‘permissions’] = true;

$schema[‘controllers’][‘myaddon’][‘modes’][‘add’][‘permissions’] = true;

$schema[‘controllers’][‘myaddon’][‘modes’][‘update’][‘permissions’] = true;

Thoughts, Help, Ideas?