Vendor Accounting Clarifications Needed

Using version 4.12.1 Multivendor Plus, and I have both the Vendor Plans add-on and Vendor Debt add-on installed.

Trying to understand how the "Current balance" section and on the Seller Dashboard and the "Accounting" page works with these add-ons together. What we are trying to accomplish is this:

We currently do direct vendor payouts to the sellers' paypal and stripe at time of purchase. So, we simply use the Accounting page as a ledger for our sellers. We want the payment gateways: Paypal Commerce and Stripe to automatically "Complete" on the Balance Withdrawals section when successful. We want to be able to notify the seller when they owe a subscription fee automatically, and want the ability for the sellers to pay their subscription fees when an amount is owed.

Our Order Statuses are as follows:

Paid - currently marked as Charge vendor account

Complete - currently marked as Charge vendor account

... - the rest do not mark as Charge vendor account

It appears that when an order comes in (eg. $25), the "Current balance" section is updated with the order amount of $25. As I understand from user guide, by default the marketplace takes the order amount first.

1. What should happen when a seller owes a subscription fee, eg. $10? Will the "Current balance" section deduct this and now say $15? If this is the case, then it wouldn't make sense to allow direct payouts to vendors at time of purchase, correct? Instead it would only make sense to set up a weekly or bi-weekly payout because otherwise, the the vendor debt add-on would not be able to systematically force the seller to pay because the "Current balance" would show as a postive $15. When it should ideally show as a negative -$10.

2. Should we update our Order statuses? Per the user guide below, it suggests that we can update the Order statuses . In our case, should we uncheck the "Charge to vendor account" checkbox so that the balance will not reflect orders?

The user guide states :

Income and Balance

When working with the Accounting page, it’s important to understand two terms:

  • Balance—the total amount of money that a vendor can withdraw.

    An order affects a vendor’s balance only if the status of that order has the Charge to vendor account checkbox ticked.

  • Income—the earnings of a vendor or a marketplace owner. Here is how it is calculated:

    • Vendor’s income = payments for orders - (commissions + payouts)
    • Marketplace owner’s income = commissions + payouts

wow, not a single reply to this?? Did any updates fix this since 4.12.1?