Velocite Bikes website

Our new site is just about 99% ready…well maybe 90% after we do some usability testing and make inevitable changes.

Thanks to JesseLeeStringer and TonyK for their work, patience and for allowing our vision to remodel the basic CS Cart template beyond all recognition.

To do list:

  • complete usability testing
  • install SSL
  • debug/correct some Java issues
  • correct some display problems with Internet Explorer (of course)


You should also correct the followings

Good feedback.

Background image. Oh…I will check that. I am normally on a suitably large monitor, but did not notice this. Right now I cannot check.

Menu. Will leave it as it is for now, but yes can see a benefit of styling it to be more similar, although I also like the fact that it is clearly different since it serves a different purpose to the other site elements.

Category page picture
. Yes. they will get trimmed. I also sometimes do not know if I actually clicked on the category or not, and it is hard to notice the individual product links.

Product picture.
No, they will stay that size. I personally strongly dislike “zoom to see a tiny part of the bike” feature that is used by most other bike brands. Can never see enough of the bike that way. The static picture is too small, and almost always with contrast dialed to 11, while the zoomed image offers limited benefit besides the gadget value - of course in my opinion :slight_smile: When we upgrade to a higher resolution camera, we may get rid of the thumbnails altogether and allow zoom within the main product photo area, although this will not allow alternative views without making more changes…


the Teams page and others, feature a warm grey background.

In all the site you have a blueish grey tone balanced with orange, which is very sporty.

But for my taste, that warm grey is out of the gamma, should also be in the cold blueish tone. Just my opinion, if this is good for you, perfect!.

The work is very good, thanks for showing your site.

Thanks colortone,

I think I know what you mean…except about “colour being out of gamma” :slight_smile: I think I used to know what that meant, but not anymore. What does it mean?

We use colour to define the visual space and to cut down the absolute number of different colours on screen to the minimum while providing adequate to good highlighting of areas and elements.

Thus at this stage we are not inclined to go for a single grey, or the same family of grey colour.

Of course work on the version 1.1 of the site concepts is under way already and we’ll be tweaking it until it “clicks”.


Is an old expression for the palette of colors you use in a projects. Sorry, I got that from working long time ago in other country.

Think of the greys as shadows. Shadows are “tinted” to be warm or cool depending on the type of light. (If you use fluorescent light, your shadows will be blueish, if incandescent bulbs, will be warm yellowish)

So in a project the grey should reflect the dominant color which in effect becomes the ambient light.