Vedor admin

Admin notification should be deleted from the vendor admin.

I create new group for my vendors

and enable “Auto Cache” in vendor admin I see the warning

[quote]Warning[color=#C09853]Auto cache update enabled.[/color]

[color=#C09853]Modified files are tracked in real time (including the files modified directly on server) and re-cached.[/color]

[color=#C09853]Store performance may be slightly affected. Recommended to disable on production in the [/color]Template editor[/quote]

and I can’t close it it gives access denied message.

I'm having the same problem. The Cache notification closes when I hit the cross but then i get an Warning Access denied message.

The admin message shouldn't appear at all in the vendor admin area and it is annoyig that it pops up every time I load a page in the main admin area. I know it is important but I am not launching my site for another month, so don't want that message very time I go to a new page.