Vat / Tax Not Displaying Right

Hi All, I am really struggling to understand how the Tax should be setup :(

Like the UK, in Ireland it is customary to display product prices on the site with VAT included in the display price.

I’ve setup a tax rate at 23% and applied it, the default country is Ireland. If I enter the price €100 for a product and have the “Price includes tax” checked then the price still shows ex vat.

If I turn that off then it shows the price ex VAT and including VAT (in small) but the calculation is wrong i.e.

Product Price in catalogue - €100

Displaying as:


(€96.09 inc tax)

Note - I am using the trail whilst developing but will be purchasing the license next week when we soft launch, but this issue is preventing me getting to soft launch stage.

Should prices entered in the catalogue be exclusive of VAT? or should they be the retail price? What am I doing wrong?

I have same issue i set up tax rate is 18% for 100$ product tax is showing 15.xx when i set tax rate 21.955 it is showing %18 correctly

are your currencies and default currency set up correctly

yes it is

18% tax must be 18$ if i set tax rate as 21.55 it is showing 18$ tax in order something wrong with calculation.[list]


][right]Shipping cost[/right][right]CALCULATE[/right]


][right]VAT (18% included)[/right][right]$15.25[/right]



[*]Total cost [color=#343434][size=4]$[/size][/color][color=#343434][size=4]100.00[/size][/color]


any one for help to fix that?

looks like you have it set to tax included, on the tax rates tab also

Thank you let me check


I have got the same problem. Does anyone have the solution please.

1 item(s) -----------------------200 kr

Shipping ----------------------Free shippingTaxes

VAT (25% included) ----------------40 kr
Order Total ---------------------------200 kr
(25% will be 50 kr)
Product setup:: Taxes: [YES] VAT
Tax setup::
Price includes tax: [YES]
Thanks :-(